Software field salary guide for looking for a new job in 2022

6th February 2022

Are you thinking of switching jobs or moving to a different role altogether in 2022? Knowing what salary to ask for is always tricky since there are a lot of factors at play. But having a rough figure might at least put you in the right ballpark and avoid that mistake of saying yes to an underpaid job. I came by this list of salaries for different roles in the software development domain. From what I can tell the figures in these tables are pretty accurate. Hope you find it helpful!

How to run third party applications securely on the same domain?

30th December 2021

Have you wondered how companies like Heroku, Netlify and Vercel host and run your applications on a single domain? Is that even safe? What if people try to set/get cookies in other people's sub-domain or root domain? I recently ran into this problem at work, and we ended up going down the rabbit hole of how it all works. I was pleasantly surprised by how it all works, so let's talk about it!

DigitalOcean App Platform: how to redirect all requests to index.html for Single Page Applications

9th August 2021

If you are not aware, DigitalOcean now offers their own App Platform which works like Netlify or Vercel if you used those platforms before. If not, essentially you could connect your code repository and then these platforms will take care of the rest e.g. install dependencies, building the project and deploying it somewhere, host it, manage SSL certificates, custom domains, etc.

How to setup Single Page Applications with Auth0 in local environment without CORS issues

31st July 2021

I used Auth0 in a Single Page Application (SPA) side project recently, because I didn't want to spend the time to build all the auth related features e.g. password reset, sign up, etc. Surprisingly it was extremely painful to get it working locally due to HTTPS, CORS and localhost issues. In this blog post, I'll be walking my final setup with all of that working locally.

State of Yarn 2 (Berry) in 2021

20th July 2021

Yarn 2, aka Berry, was announced back in April 2019, it was a pretty big deal at the time. I've moved 2 clients since and still, no one is talking about it. I got curious recently and did some research about this topic. In this post, we'll see what is the deal with Yarn 2, and what the adoption is like after 2 years.

Should you use Docker for local development?

12th July 2021

I've worked for many companies over the years since I'm in the field of consulting/contracting. It allowed me to see how teams do things differently and the pros/cons of each approach. In this blog, I want to share some of my observations on using Docker for local development.

Interview notes on React Reconciliation (Virtual DOM)

20th May 2021

It's been a while since I had to recall the reasons why React uses Virtual DOM. I was recently asked this in an interview, and I did an okay job explain it but not to the extent I wanted. So I spent some time re-reading the official documentation and wrote down some notes. I hope these will be helpful for anyone preparing for a React interview. Also, I have called out the vital part of each section to make it easier to see the key points.

My struggles with React Testing Library

12th May 2021

Open any software development book, and there is probably a section on testing and why it is essential. Testing is a great feedback tool. If you think about it, it is incredible how we can write code and then write other code to check the initial bit of code. I can't think of many professions out there who can automatically validate and verify their work like us software engineers.