How to create models in Mongoose

18th March 2016

Started working on a existing project built using MEAN.IO, and Mongoose framework was used as well. I found its documentation a little confusing, so here's what I found out after doing some research.

How to make Zsh shell look nice on Mac Terminal

16th March 2016

I have already blogged about bash alternatives, Fish shell and Zsh in my previous blog here. I have only started using Zsh recently due to recommendations from a colleague, so thought I'd give it a try. This blog is mainly focusing on how to make Zsh look nice, so no tutorial on installing it.

Why testing isn't enough

10th March 2016

A lot of people talks about the benefits of Test-Driven Development, how great it is when you compare it with non-test driven development. People would give a massive list of advantages of using TDD. For me these are the core reasons:

Mobile and hybrid app testing tool -

9th March 2016

Came across this free app testing tool today, currently not much use for me as I mainly work on web related projects. But hopefully will be working on mobile projects in the future and this will be very useful. Just want to mention that this is a automation test framework from what I have seen so far, so not meant to be used to do manual testing.

Other shell alternatives to Bash

18th January 2016

Came across something called Fish Shell today, and after Google search took me to this page on unix-shells I realised how many different variation there are I can choose from. Each having their benefits, so far it seems ZSH has very good customisability and Fish Shell has very good out of the box experience with no configurations.

A useful tool when working with Regular Expression

3rd January 2016

I was working with replacing strings using Regular Expression today and I found this amazing tools which saved me a lot of trouble. It allow custom text string to perform the regular expression on, and you can toggle between 3 different regular expression syntaxes: PHP, JavaScript and Python. There are also useful tips on the right hand side as well as a regex syntax look up table. Overall, a very handy free tool.

How to uninstall from Debian Linux

8th December 2015

Linux is still something that's new to me, I know the basics like to install some software I need to run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install in the terminal. But I never really knew how to 'undo' these actions, today when I was trying to fix another bug, I came across the following ways to uninstall the software are installed in Linux terminal.