Other shell alternatives to Bash

Came across something called Fish Shell today, and after Google search took me to this page on unix-shells I realised how many different variation there are I can choose from. Each having their benefits, so far it seems ZSH has very good customisability and Fish Shell has very good out of the box experience with no configurations.

I personally don’t feel confident enough to switch to something that is not Bash, just because how little I use it. But this could be very handy for someone who knows Bash like back of his hand and wants a bit more horse power.

I ended up switching to ZSH a few weeks after this original post, and after a year I thought it would be a good chance to give an update. The setting up process is not as straight forward as I would like, but after everything has been set up my god it is amazing! It makes the whole terminal comes to life, awesome predictions and etc. I have even spent the time and added Material colour pallets to it. Here's a screenshot of my current set up.