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Hello 2021, I'm late to the party

Hello friends, it's been a while since I published anything on this blog, it's been so long since I last posted anything that it is a little embarrassing. I have gone off the grid because I was just a little occupied from a few personal projects in the past few months. With that said, the Xmas break was a perfect time to recharge my batteries.

Learning about note-taking and changes in workflow

One of my projects is probably going to sound bonkers - I was too busy tidying up my notes. Or using the big words, I was learning, adapting and improving my note-taking method. Why? To be more effective at managing what I take in and how I process them and convert them to content so others can consume, like this post.

I have many notes saved on the topic of "how to take notes effectively", but I intend to leave it for another day. This post was meant to be a quick welcome back after all.

Changes to this blog

If this isn't the first time you are here, another change you probably have noticed is the domain name. Yep, I've recently migrated my blog from haodong.io to this one blog.hao.dev . For a long time, I wanted to do this, ever since I purchased the current domain back in Jun 2020. At one point, I just decided enough was enough, and that I need to prioritise this over other tasks. As soon as I finished the note-taking migration project, I jumped on this.

There is a reason why the blog is on the blog subdomain, I may write about it at some point, but honestly, I am more motivated to turn my plan into reality. In short, I wanted to add a few sections to my site, and it felt weird, stitching them to this blog. The plan from now on is to split up this site into multiple applications by sub-domain. Then it would enable me to have an isolated place to publish blog posts, a place to deploy some side projects, and a proper welcome area which can link off to the different areas rather than presenting first-time visitors a list of blogs.

Finally, I have always been interested in writing about other topics that always fascinated me. I debated if I should start new blogs for each topic I want to publish. I had this feeling that mixing the different contents might not be the right thing to do, in case people who are interested in coding may not find the other topics very interesting. But in the end, I decided to keep things simple and publish it all on this blog. The other reason is that I have such a tiny audience it is not like anyone would be upset anyway 😂

Final words

Lastly, I would like to say welcome to 2021, even though it's already February. 2020 wasn't a brilliant year for many reasons, here's hoping this would be a better year for all of us! As well as looking forward to getting out properly, I am looking excited to see if the ways of working changes I've adopted will get me to publish more content or not!