Fixed Windows 10 cannot shutdown issue

I normally bounce around between Linux, Mac OS and Windows for different tasks. I mainly use Windows for gaming or consuming media, so there isn't much software installed on my machine. Not too sure when it started, but I have been having this weird issue where Windows doesn't turn off my machine when I click on Shutdown. It would just Log me out rather than do a full shutdown. What's even weirder is that Restart works just fine. I was doing a bit of searching around, I managed to resolve it. But I didn't find any of the instructions that was easy to follow. Hence why I'm creating this post.

Step 1

Go to Control Panel and search for 'power'. As soon as you stop typing (wait a couple of seconds) then you should see the results coming back.


Step 2

Click on Change what the power buttons do. It should take you to the follow screen.


Step 3

Ensure the Turn on fast start-up (recommended) option is unchecked like shown in the picture above.

For some reason, this functionality is causing problems for a lot of people. I guess this just proves that I am correct not choosing Windows for development.